The Concept

- Rival Wild: The Ground-Breaking New Series -

From deep within the veins of the Award Winning production studio, Rusted Rooster, flows a new era in whitetail television. Hosted by brothers and perennial favorites, Chris and Casey Keefer, Rival Wild paints an incredible story from opening day to the season’s end. Throughout the fall of 2013, the Keefer brothers set out to tell the tale of what it’s like to rival one piece of whitetail heaven in central Illinois.

This gripping new series showcases the natural ebb and flow of learning a piece of ground. Undoubtedly, the whitetail game can be maniacal - from the early days of bow season to the ironman hunts of January - and for 4 straight months the cameras never quit rolling. It’s a show of strength of mind, character, patience, and perseverance as these two duke it out over prime whitetail real estate and that one golden opportunity that can make a season, or break it.